<H1>Summarize Tasks 1.1 by Dan Rahmel</H1>This is a far more complex version of the Summarize Tasks button. It can write the tasks to an HTML file that uses the summarize.css stylesheets for formatting. The HTML file can be loaded into MS Word and formatted (I use multiple columns) to create a printable task list. <P>Here is what the current stylesheet looks like when formatted in Word: <P><IMG src="http://leo.zwiki.org/Summarize.gif"> <BR># The attached Leo file contains the button code and a sample CSS stylesheet. <BR># <BR># This creates a button called <B>SummarizeTasks?</B> that will search the <BR># children nodes of the selected node for lines that contain the bar(|) character. <BR># Any lines that have the bar character are retrieved and added to a list. <BR># The list is then placed in the body text of the parent node. <BR># <BR># I use this to organize a daily summary to-do list. All of my projects are <BR># kept as child outlines and a task list for each is contained in the body text <BR># of each node. Therefore, I can have children with body text such as: <BR># <BR># Get two eggs: 11/13/2006 15:38:54, complete <BR># Break eggs: 11/13/2006 15:39:10 <BR># Cook eggs: | <BR># Eat eggs: <BR># <BR># In this list, only the task I'm currently working on (Cook eggs) will <BR># be added to the summary list. <BR># <BR># -- Features added in Version 1.1: <BR># * HTML output w/style sheet -- HTML may be loaded into MS Word, formatted in multiple columns, and output as a to-do list <BR># * With node insert, checks if node contains existing text and prompts before replace <BR># * Strips begin and end white space <BR># * Output to file <BR># * Eliminate bars so multiple summary nodes can exist in outline <BR># * Added multi level path <BR># * Added date of summary generation&nbsp;<BR> </P>

<a href="Summarize.leo">Summarize.leo</a>