One of the areas where I miss the functionality of Leo almost every day is my company outlook email. My main criteria for keeping email is date of reception, but it would nice to also keep the email according to other criteria:

  1. Topics.
  2. People.
  3. Todo items.
  4. Issues.

With outlook, you can put the email into one bucket, but not in several.

I have tried to export data, but I found that important attributes are simply missing.

I suspect that the programmatic interface of outlook should allow the access to all the data, but it seems to me that it would require quite a bit of investment of my time until I understand all the necessary details.

Maybe a Leo plugin could just somehow point to the emails, and not even have to make a physical copy of the data. With python / Leo scripting a whole new universe of options would open up on how to deal with email.

... --edreamleo, Sat, 16 Sep 2006 17:19:26 -0700 reply

Plugins are great for adding major functionality to Leo, but I have been using @button scripts more and more lately for experimentation. @button nodes have the minimum possible overhead. The recent zodb and unicode nodes in test.leo are examples. So I would suggest adding one or more @button nodes to experiment with intefacing with outlook. The biggest drawback of buttons is a lack of communication between them, but often that doesn't matter. For the zodb plugin, for example, g.init_zodb was the only 'shared' code.