This page describes working prototype scripts that communicate with an IPython.Shell instance running in Leo's console window. These scripts are prototypes of a "napkin 0" design that is even simpler than my "napkin 1" design.

These scripts run IPython in the console window from which Leo was launched. Remarkably, Leo and IPython can run simultaneously. It is not necessary to stop IPython in order for Leo to get the latest results! That is, these scripts can be run as many times as desired, and each time the scripts are run they will print the results generated by IPython since the last time the script was run(!!) I never, ever, dreamed something this simple would work.

Prototype 1 contains the very first prototype.

Prototype 2 contains a refactored prototype. More capable, but more complex. This script can (optionally, depending on a setting) create "result" nodes that are children of an @python-results node.