leoToRTF 1.1 plugin by Dan Rahmel<p>

This plugin takes an outline stored in LEO and outputs it as a numbered list to a Rich Text Format(RTF) file. RTF is Microsoft's standardized import/export format. The RTF file can be loaded into Microsoft Word and formatted as a proper outline.<p>

If this plug-in loads properly, you should have an "Outline to Microsoft RTF..." option added to your File > Export... menu in Leo.<p>

Settings such as outputing just the headlines (vs. headlines & body text) and whether to include or ignore the contents of @file nodes are stored in the rtf_export.ini file in your Leoplugins folder.<p>

The default export path is also stored in the INI file. By default, it's set to c:-- so you may need to modify it depending on your system.<p>

<a href="leo_to_rtf_plugin_11.zip">leo_to_rtf_plugin_11.zip</a>