A leo to (xhtml/dhtml) experimental plugin by plumloco.

note: I did this before I realized Edward was already experimenting with dhtml/ajax. Sorry Edward.


Please remember this is an experimental plugin and the contents are likely to change drastically.

This plugin provides two new menu items in the Export... menu:

  • Export to XHTML
  • Export to DHTML

corresponding to two new commands:

  • export-xhtml
  • export-dhtml

Export to XHTML prodces a valid XHTML version of the tree that looks good without any style and has no javascript.

It does however have style information should the need arise to use a stylesheet on it.

Export to DHTML produces three files which are used to create a two frame view with the tree on the left and data on the right. Clicking on an item in the tree view shows the bodystring for that item in the right pane and also collapses/expands a tree item if it has children.


The operation of the commands are controlled by @settings in myLeoSettings or in the file itself.


  • @string dhtml_basedir = '/home/tmp/leo/'
  • @string dhtml_path = dhtml
  • @bool dhtml_collapse = False
  • @bool dhtml_expand = True
  • @bool dhtml_skip = False
  • @bool includebody = True

''basedir'' and path are combined to decide where to place the generated files for DHTML and ''basedir'' + ''path'' + .html is used for XHTML.

If collapse is True the tree is initially shown collapsed If expand is True AND collapse is False the tee is shown expande If both collapse and expand are False then the expanded/collapsed status of the dhtml will initially reflect the state of the outline at the time the command is run.


The result of applying these commands to this file can be seen at:


Temporarily, a prototype version is availiable at: