This page discusses Leo's new slideshow plugin. The best way to understand this plugin is to play with LeoSlideShows.leo (after enabling the plugin, of course). You must also enable the scripting plugin,

The latest version of this file abandons the attempt to use --> and <-- in button names. These either get totally cleaned away (thereby making all the button names the same), or they make it impossible to use their names in the minibuffer. The new buttons have minibuffer style names: next-slide, prev-slide, next-show, prev-show, and the latest version of just uses (the cleaned) button names as the name of the command to be registered. Furthermore, the @button nodes define @key abbreviations for these buttons: Alt-4, Alt-5, Alt-6, and Alt-7.


Here is the text of the Read me first node:

This file contains several slideshows illustrating Leo's features. You control these slides shows using four buttons in the icon bar:

Now press the 'next-show' button (or type Alt-5, or type Alt-x next-show) to take you to the first slideshow: 'Introduction to Leo'.

Cvs contains latest versions --edreamleo, Thu, 12 Oct 2006 05:47:12 -0700 reply

Cvs contains the latest versions of LeoSlideShows.leo and I recommend checking cvs first, if you can.