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**Using the JythonShell? outside of jyleo ** --leouser, Wed, 29 Mar 2006 18:57:59 -0800 reply


I thought Id share this info for folks that are interested. As Ive said, Im stuck not using jyleo but have need of its JythonShell? component. The JythonShell? can operate independently of jyleo. So I set up a simple shortcut on my desktop to start it up when I need it. The essence of getting it to run is: set the CLASSPATH environment variable to point to: 1. The jython.jar that is in the jython distribution when installed. 2. The parent directory of org/leo/shell directory. This is currently the src directory in the jyleo distribution.

On a unix machine I export the CLASSPATH export CLASSPATH

then I execute the shell like so: java

and up pops the shell.

Be careful of executing swing code in the JythonShell? --leouser, Wed, 29 Mar 2006 19:00:27 -0800 reply

I thought Id post this here so people can have a heads up to avoid a silly mistake: 1. When your using the JythonShell?, you are typing in a Swing widget. 2. When your code executes it does it on a non-Swing thread. So to protect against deadlocks in the shell be careful about doing swing operations, always do them on the EDT