This page discusses how Leo might be turned into an IPython notebook.

The main ideas:

  1. We want to have Leo's execute-script command execute scripts in an ipython environment. Presumably this would be a major undertaking. I have no opinion about whether the planned ipython reorganization would make this task easier. Investigating what would be required to use ipython in Leo might be a more direct approach.
  2. We want natural ways to enter ipython input and receive ipython output. Using Leo's minibuffer would seem like a natural way to get input. One idea: the enter-ipython-mode command would prompt for ipython input and write any output either to Leo's log window or the body text of some node. After the ipython command is executed, focus would stay in the minibuffer until the exit-ipython-mode command were executed. This is vague in my mind. Presumably these issues are also vague in the minds of the ipython folk.
  3. Leo's tkinter gui is certainly capable of supporting an ipython notebook. In particular, all design questions can be explored in the context of Leo's present gui. Leo's wxWidgets gui could be improved, and that would be a welcome development.

To repeat, I am willing to work with the ipython developers to make this project a reality.