GtkDialogs Plugin

Introduction is a plugin that replaces the Tk file selection dialogs with Gtk file selection dialogs on Linux.

Although at the moment this plugin only replaces Tk's file dialogs, other dialogs may be replaced in future, in which case @settings will be provided to allow only selected dialogs to be replaced.


This plugin consists of two files, and

View the contents of these files here

They can be downloaded from here and here

These two files need to be placed in leo's plugins folder, and '' needs to be placed in your list of enabled plugins.

You also need to be on linux with gtk2 installed on your system. has a .txt extension so it can live in the plugins folder without being mistaken for a plugin. It is a python script which is run to show the gtk dialogs.


This plugin assumes that the command to invoke python is 'python' but this may be changed by placing:

@string gtkdialogs_pythoncommand = your_python_command

in the @settings tree of myLeoSettings.leo.