Development Environment

!!! work in progress - Much work to do !!!

Bazaar - Software Configuration Management System
  • Used by Leo developers to create, publish, manage, and obtain interim Leo versions.
  • Requires installation on developer's local computer. (Be sure to issue "bzr init" command after installation)
  • Interfaces with Launchpad website to provide access and coordinate team and independent development.
  • Once installed

Launchpad - Website providing a development environment for free software projects.

PuTTYgen?.exe - Generates SSH keys required to publish Leo code to Launchpad.

Pageant.exe - SSH key authentication agent installed on local computer.


To be done - Overview of Launchpad branches, local branches, checkouts, ...


The following scenarios provide "best practice" solutions to common situations encountered by Leo developers.

_Accessing the latest interim version of Leo_

The 'Trunk' branch on the Launchpad website contains the latest interim version of Leo. Developers access the code by creating a local version on their computer using the following steps:

  • Create and move into a local directory that will contain a copy of the 'Trunk' branch.

    '<os dependent>'

  • Create local copy of 'Trunk' branch.

    'bzr branch ??????'

_Protecting Leo content (derived files) when trying a new release_

<To be done>

_Using multiple local versions of Leo_

Multi-Version Support - Invoking Leo from Windows Explorer

_Merging user-only enhancements into newly pulled public releases_

<To be done>

_Providing code to others for review and testing_

<To be done>

_Merging approved changes into 'Trunk' branch_

<To be done>