This is a Tk plugin, the Qt version is called todo

The cleo plugin (plugins/ adds foreground / background headline coloring, semantic coloring, and priority markers, task progress and time-required info.

Full HTML docs. is included in the Leo distribution.

Version 0.25 (20080328)

Now using Leo icons for displaying priority. See full HTML docs. <cleodoc.html>`_ for current information.

Version 0.19

Old had some issues with erasing of markers from the tree canvas, this one avoids those problems by keeping lists of things added to the canvas so they can be deleted later.

New in 0.19

  • @project nodes for dynamically updating progress / time display
New in 0.18
  • time required scaling of progress bars and recursive recalc of time required / progress

Newest cleo (0.25)


Cleo showing fg / bg colouring, todo priority arrows and checkmarks, and unscaled progress bars.


Cleo showing displayed time required / percent complete and the @project node tag to automatically update the subtree when time / progress changes.


Cleo showing progress bars scaled by time required