import leoPlugins

class baseLeoPlugin(object):

"""A Convenience class to simplify plugin authoring """

import leoGlobals as g

def __init__(self, tag, keywords):

self.c = keywords['c']? self.commandNames = []
def setCommand(self, commandName, handler,
shortcut = None, pane = 'all', verbose = True):

"""Associate a command name with handler code, optionally defining a keystroke shortcut """ self.commandNames.append(commandName)

self.commandName = commandName self.shortcut = shortcut self.handler = handler self.c.k.registerCommand (commandName, shortcut, handler,

pane, verbose)

def setMenuItem(self, menu, commandName = None, handler = None):

"""Create a menu item in 'menu' using text 'commandName' calling handler 'handler' if commandName and handler are none, use the most recently defined values """

# setMenuItem can create a command, or use a previously defined one. if commandName is None:

commandName = self.commandName

# make sure commandName is in the list of commandNames else:

if commandName not in self.commandNames:
if handler is None:
handler = self.handler

table = ((commandName, None, handler),), table)

def setButton(self, buttonText = None, commandName = None, color = None):

"""Associate an existing command with a 'button' """ if buttonText is None:

buttonText = self.commandName
if commandName is None:
commandName = self.commandName
if commandName not in self.commandNames:
raise NameError?, "setButton error, %s is not a commandName" % commandName
if color is None:
color = 'grey'

script = "c.k.simulateCommand('%s')" % self.commandName self.g.makeScriptButton(self.c, script=script,

buttonText = buttonText, bg = color)
class Hello(baseLeoPlugin):

"""Say hello from <current node> """ def __init__(self, tag, keywords):

# call parent __init__ baseLeoPlugin.__init__(self, tag, keywords)

# if the plugin object defines only one command, # just give it a name. You can then create a button and menu entry self.setCommand('Hello', self.hello) self.setButton() self.setMenuItem('Cmds')

# create a command with a shortcut self.setCommand('Hola', self.hola, 'Alt-Ctrl-H')

# create a button using different text than commandName self.setButton('Hello in Spanish')

# create a menu item with default text self.setMenuItem('Cmds')

# define a command using setMenuItem self.setMenuItem('Cmds', 'Ciao baby', self.ciao)

def hello(self, event): "hello from node %s" % self.c.currentPosition().headString())
def hola(self, event): "hola from node %s" % self.c.currentPosition().headString())
def ciao(self, event): "ciao baby (%s)" % self.c.currentPosition().headString())

leoPlugins.registerHandler("after-create-leo-frame", Hello)