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Another test comment.  I should get an email.

This page and its descendants will discuss a major new project for Leo: incorporating the Komodo auto-completion code into Leo.

At present, I know of no external documentation for the OpenKomodo project. Presumably, the source code, augmented by newsgroups, are the primary sources of information. That's good enough for now; the sources contain some excellent documentation.

The documentation for the OpenKomodo project is organized as follows:

  • The Big Picture Start your exploration here.
  • Komodo Files Documentation of specific files of the OpenKomodo project. This page, and its subsidiary pages, will form the bulk of my documentation.
  • Terminology Definition of terms used by the OpenKomodo project, including a few terms that EKR invented as shortcuts. These terms are heavily cross-referenced in this wiki: make sure you understand them all.
  • Strategy Plans for learning OpenKomodo.
  • Simplifications Ideas for simplifying the Leo version of the Komodo autocompleter.
  • Building OpenKomodo How to find and build the sources.

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This is a test comment.

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Another test comment. I should get an email.