Here is a 'Hello World' program using an @thin tree. It creates the file

As usual, copy the following code, then paste into Leo using the Paste Node command:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet ekr_stylesheet?>
<leo_header file_format="1" tnodes="2" max_tnode_index="2"/>
<v t="ekr.20060618152824.1" a="EV"><vh>@thin</vh>
<v t="ekr.20060618152824.2"><vh>main</vh></v>
<t tx="ekr.20060618152824.1">'''An example of a minimal @thin tree.
Can be executed as a script, but also generates'''

@language python
@tabwidth -4


<t tx="ekr.20060618152824.2">def main():'Hello World') # Print Hello World to Leo's log pane.</t>